Panda Smart Browser
Your Panda Smart Browser will run the Campaigns of all Panda Bot Network members, not only yours. You accumulate Traffic Time Credits and Social Points as you keep it running.
When your Traffic/Social Campaigns are delivered to other Panda Smart Browsers around the world, your credits/points are spent. This is a Win-Win situation for all Panda Bot Network members.
Back Office - Promote  Your Websites
You must use your daily browser i.e. Chrome, Firefox, Ms Edge etc. to login to your Back Office.
By default, after you add your website to your Back Office, our server will add your Website Keywords, Pages and Backlinks to your Back Office and will Create Organic, Referral and Direct Traffic Campaigns for the kick-start.
The Video below shows manual settings in your Back Office.
Panda Smart Browser - Instant Traffic Module
Using Instant Traffic Module is not compulsory. Your Website/YouTube videos will already receive traffic from the Panda Bot Network as long as you have Traffic Time Credits available.
But if you need massive Geo-targeted traffic immediately, then you can use Panda Smart Browser Instant Traffic Module with your own Proxy IPs to generate traffic to your Websites/YouTube Videos.