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You will add your websites then we will crawl your websites' pages, we will analyse the Keywords, Backlinks and we will create Organic, Referral and Direct Traffic Campaigns automatically.


You can create additional Traffic Campaigns and manage advanced settings as you wish. You will find the detailed reports in your Back Office.

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With Free membership, you can add unlimited websites to your Back Office and improve their rankings.

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You will not make any changes to your websites and you will not add any codes into your website pages.

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Panda Bot Network's unique Ranking Improvement System is used by more than 30,000 Websites with more than 2,000,000 Keywords since 2013. You will do no wrong.

Here is Our Secret

Panda Bot Network unique Ranking Improvement system

Our unique system improves your Websites' Usage Metrics to force Google to evaluate them as compelling and improves their Search Engine Rankings

After Panda updates, the websites that people likes more have more potential to move higher in SERPs. Your website must have unique, useful and grammatically correct content. Design of your website must be proficient, should not have many ads especially above the fold. But, how Google decides which website content has substance or lack of substance? The answer is Usage Metrics.

Today, Usage Metrics are more significant than before. Google takes the Usage Metrics into account when assessing your website ranking. Key Usage Metrics are; Time spent onsite/page, visitors’ browse rates, visitors’ bounce rates, clicks through from SERPs and diversity of branded search and direct traffic.

Your website must be sufficiently compelling for your keyword visitors. After a visitor clicks the link in Google results page, the big brother continues to monitor visitor’s actions. If the visitor stays relatively more on a website after search, Google believes that this website is a pleasant choice for the SERP of the specific keyword. Do you need to read more? Then click here... 

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